KMyMoney 0.9.3 released

February 24, 2009

the KMyMoney Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of version 0.9.3 of "the BEST personal finance manager for FREE users".

This offers many new features and improvements over the existing, stable, 0.8 series; and the previous development version 0.9, see below for just some of these.

This 0.9.3 release can be considered as a release candidate for the
upcoming 1.0 release. Even so, it should still be considered a
development release and as such, we still recommended that you maintain
frequent backups of your files. Please let us know if something is not
working properly.

Major enhancements to this release include a totally new Quicken ® (QIF)
file importer, and the first 'official' support for the use of a
relational database storage, as an alternative to the proprietary XML
format (though there are still some performance issues).

v0.9.3 Release notes:
*A totally re-written Quicken ® (QIF) file importer.
*Improved GnuCash file importer.
*The optional use of a database for data storage is supported (MySQL ®,
PostgreSQL and SQLite version 3 have been *extensively tested).
*More flexible occurrence periods.
*Better support for multiple currencies.
*Added CashFlow report.
*Added moving averages to a number of reports and charts.
*Added default report "Income and Expenses By Year".
*Added Linear Regression method to Forecast History Methods.
*Various fixes related to Loans, and Budget reports.
*Significant improvements to the OFX import process.
*More support for the cmake build process.
*New translations for Finnish and Romanian.
*Updated translations for Argentinian, Brazilian Portuguese, simplified
Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, Galician, *German, Italian and Portuguese.
*Add Euro support for Slovakia.
*Improvements in multiple currency handling.
*User Interface improvements.
*And of course, many bug fixes.

Let us know what you think. We hope that you enjoy using this version of
Please let us know about any abnormal behavior in the program by
selecting "Report bug..." from the help menu or by sending an e-mail to
the developers mailing list.

(Originally posted on by Michael Edwardes)