Linux Linux

KMyMoney is readily available on the majority of Linux distributions. You can install it using the Software Center provided by your vendor.

Alternatively, for those who want to use a version newer than the one available in their Software Center, we provide AppImage packages.

Windows Windows

An installation package for the latest stable version can be found on KDE’s CI build pipeline. Download the file ending in windows-msvc2019_64-cl.exe which contains a Windows installer.

An installation package for the latest stable release with aqbanking and gpg support can be found on the KDE download server.

We also provide daily generated (gcc based) preview builds with aqbanking and gpg support and (msvc based) preview builds from our master branches (which do not provide aqbanking and gpg support).

macOS macOS

Daily built DMG package for stable version is available for macOS. An experimental Homebrew package is provided by Homebrew KDE project.

Lastly, the legacy KMyMoney4 builds are also available in MacPorts.

Source code archive Source code archive

You can find the source code of the KMyMoney latest stable release here and the installation instructions in the KDE TechBase wiki

Git Git

The KMyMoney Git repository can be found in the KDE GitLab.

To clone KMyMoney use:
git clone