Linux Linux

KMyMoney is already available on majority of Linux distributions. You can install it from the KDE Software Center.

AppImage AppImage

For Linux users, who want to use a newer version than is available in their distro repository, we offer an AppImage (learn about AppImages) version which reflects the current stable version including the latest fixes. It is build on a daily basis straight from the source.

Installation instructions can be found on our AppImage page.

Windows Windows

KMyMoney is available for Windows. An .exe can be found on our download server. This is a cross compiled and includes KBanking, Gpg2 and translations. We also provide daily generated preview builds: Windows MSVC 64bit

macOS macOS

Daily built stable version of KMyMoney is available for macOS. An old version is also available in MacPorts.

Release Sources Release Sources

You can find KMyMoney latest stable release here and installation instructions in the KDE TechBase wiki.

Git Git

The KMyMoney Git repository can be found in the KDE GitLab. To clone KMyMoney use: git clone