KMyMoney 1.0 released

August 19, 2009

The KMyMoney development team is pleased to announce a major step forward for what has been described as "the BEST personal finance manager for FREE users". With over 3 years of development, this new stable release has a lot of new features and a refreshed user interface.

You don't know where your money is going? Trying to get a hold of your household budget? Have an investment portfolio and don't know how much money you earned or lost? You have money in many currencies and it's hard to count how much you actually have? KMyMoney can help you. KMyMoney strives to be the easiest open source personal finance manager to use, especially for the non-technical user. Based on tried and tested double entry accounting principles KMyMoney ensures that your finances are kept in correct order. Although many of the features can be found in other similar applications, KMyMoney strives to present an individual and unique view of your finances. Following the KDE's way of "sensible defaults with powerful configuration", KMyMoney offers a default configuration and templates to start managing your finances with minimum hassle, with the possibility to customize it to your liking.

If you are new to KMyMoney, you can enter your accounts information and keep track of your income and expenses, synchronize with your online banking and have an accurate view of your current finance situation. You can also keep an eye on your investments, if you have them, tracking their price through online quotes. As you feel more comfortable, and ready to get a grip of your finances, you can create a budget, compare it to your actual expenses, and even try to get a peek into the future with the forecast feature. All this and more can be done with this new version of KMyMoney.

Since our latest stable release, 0.8.9, a lot of effort has been put by the developers and the community to add new features and test them to make this a rock-solid release. Over 2 years of development have seen the addition of budgets, a forecast feature, many new reports, report charts, a complete redesign of the import feature, which allows for a much easier migration from other application and a swifter synchronization with online banking. The support of PGP encryption for the KMyMoney files has been improved too, including the option to have multiple keys for a single file, so no one can access your financial your financial records. The summary view has been revamped to show more and more useful information, allowing you to have an overview of your finance at a glance. Also, there are now translations for 22 languages, though not all of them are as complete as we would like, and we have users wherever KDE3 is installed. That results not only in a greater quality application, but also in one that can be customized to fit the needs of a wide range of users. Additionally, if you use either Oxygen or Tango icons, you can enjoy the exclusive sets of icons we have prepared for this release, because finance can be good looking too! In between all that work, we have fixed a lot of bugs and little annoyances to make this the best KMyMoney release ever!

Into the future, the effort to port the application to KDE4 is already underway. Following our usual conservative approach, the first release for KDE4 will be very similar to this one, featurewise. Subsequent releases will take full advantage of the new platform. Also, the coordination work with other KDE4 financial applications under the umbrella of the nascient KDE Finance group opens the door to other exciting possibilities.

If you want to know what other users have had to say about using KMyMoney, please take a look at the reviews and comments on the project's web-site.

In addition to the package provided here, several distributions provide snapshot packages to allow you to use the latest and brightest without having to compile it yourself. We keep a thread with updated information on the KMyMoney Forums (

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