KMyMoney 1.0.2 released

October 04, 2009

The KMyMoney development team announces the release of KMyMoney 1.0.2.
This is a bug-fix release, including, among others, the following changes:
* Improve QIF importer to simply skip unknown sections
* Removed 'combine transaction' feature from menus, since it is not implemented
* Fixed #2867234 (Don't take status field when creating schedule from
* Fixed a problem when no file was opened during program start
* Force initial size to be 800x600
* Make expand/collapse state of account and category view persistent
* Allow to modify the tab order during transaction entry
* Updated Russian translation by Andrey Cherepanov
* Updated German translation
* Fixed sizing of forecast chart
* Select all subaccounts of an investment in reports when not in expert mode - #2853193

(Originally posted on by Michael Edwardes)