KMyMoney second beta for KDE4 now available

February 15, 2010

The KMyMoney Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of version 3.96 of KMyMoney. This is the second beta release for the KDE4 platform, after only 1 and a half month of hard work, stabilizing and fixing bugs found during the first beta release.

This version is still considered beta and not recommended for general use. As with the previous version, the intention is to get feedback from the community and find those issues that are not immediately apparent.

Some of the improvements included in this release are:

For this and coming releases, at least until hitting a stable version, we have adopted a quick release cycle, comprised of 4 weeks devoted to the big changes and fixes, and 2 weeks to stabilizing and translating. We believe this will help us find bugs more quickly and improve the feedback, while still having enough time to work on bugs and new features. This means you can expect a new release 6 weeks from now, unless a blocking issue gets in the way.