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How can we help You?

For new users, it is recommended to read the user's manual. Many frequently asked questions are collected in the FAQ. Should there still be any questions, you should take a look at the Forum or the Mailing List. If you just have a little question you could also use the IRC Webchat.
  • FAQ Here you can find Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that is not answered on this FAQ, please do not hesitate to post it on the KMyMoney Developers List or KMyMoney Users List and we will try to get an answer for you as soon as possible.
  • User's Manual Here you can visit the documentation to read about all the functions KMyMoney provides, maybe even in your own language.
  • Mailing List Do you want to subscribe the KDE mailing list or send an E-Mail to all List Members of Then you are right here. An archive of mails to this list is also available.
  • Forum In the Forum for KMyMoney it is possible to write about an existing topic or create a new topic.
  • IRC Webchat
  • IRC Channel
  • Report a Bug Did you find some bugs? Please report them in the KDE Bugtracking System for
  • Suggest a Feature Are you missing some functionality? Please open a wishlist item in the KDE Bugtracking System for and make sure it is not already listed.
  • Userbase Wiki That's the Wiki for the users. The Wiki for the programmers is called Techbase Wiki.
  • Recovery key To prevent accidental lockout from your encrypted KMyMoney file you can use the recovery key.

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