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The more I get into and experiment with KMyMoney, the more I become impressed with the program. I switched to it from Quicken and initially, I missed some of the tools I had in my version of Q (I either used Premier or Home&Business versions). But as I changed my thinking from “how did I do something in Quicken?” to “how can I do this even better in KMyMoney?” I began to appreciate how much thought went into the design of KMyMoney and how powerful the program can be.

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I can’t wait for all the work I see being built to come out! You guys are the best! Just want you all to know!

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Aaron Roberts

I have to say I am really liking kmymoney so far. Lots of work to get it set up initially. But that is true with most accounting programs. I tried gnucash, and just could not figure that out. You guys have done a good job.

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Ingo Klöcker

Thanks a lot for KMyMoney! It’s awesome.

I’m using it since a bit more than two years now. Before that I used a heavily tweaked LibreOffice Calc document, but this always got very sluggish near the end of the year (with just 1000+ rows). So, at the start of 2018, I finally decided to give a dedicated finance manager a try. I chose KMyMoney and I didn’t regret my decision. …

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Thanks again, and just so you know KMyMoney has the best CSV import method and functionality that I have run across so far in my effort to do this. Kudos to you and everyone.

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Michael Carpino

Thomas & the KMM developement Team,

I wanted to reply to say thank you for all the hard work you put in and continue to do regarding the release of KMM 5.0. I know there has been some bumps but I still have faith in the product and your work. I’m grateful for what you do and appreciate your continued effort with developing the product. I know many have been doing some backflips getting the bugs worked out since the release and your efforts should be applauded.

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Having used this app for a short time, I can say it’s a shoe-in as a replacement for Quicken. Could use some usability improvements, but its super-impressive as is. I was totally blown away when it sucked in a very robust xml data file from GnuCash and was perfectly functional with it from the git-go.

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Philip Henderson

I’ve been using KMyMoney for over a dozen years now and find it the best program for my needs. Some of the features make KMyMoney a joy to use and are just so logical (to me anyway). The improvements that have been made over the last few years have made it even better. A great program. Thank you to all the developers for a great piece of work.

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Frank Osborne

I’ve used Quicken. MS Money, Moneydance, and others and KMyMoney is the best. You guys did an excellent job.

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Roger G. Rioux

Just wanted to say “Thank you” for all your effort in developing this excellent money management program. I have finally weaned myself off M$Money after many years of use. The learning curve for KMyMoney was a little steeper than that of MSMoney, however, it was well worth it. I am now completely free from Microsoft (MSMoney was the last hold out). Once again, thank you so very much!

Loic d’Anterroches

Anyway, wonderful, having nearly 8 years of personal accounting in a simple to use, robust, easy to use with the keyboard only, easy to customize reports, easy to print for the wife software is really really great!

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I just want to add that I’ve recently decided to really take a hold of my finances, budget properly etc., and I’ve found KMyMoney to be excellent so far. The interface is intuitive and helpful, there’s no unnecessary jargon, I’ve found no bugs at all, and the reports are powerful. It’s going to be a real boon and I found it just when I needed it.

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Les Turner

I’m now starting to use Kmymoney properly and I’ve got to say I really like the software. You’ve done an excellent job. It’s intuitive and easy to use. All the useful standard reports that I need are there (and more) and I’m really pleased with what I see.

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Charlie Bray

The interface is intuitive, the workflow is superb, the quality of the program is top notch and I have to say, this is one of the most polished, wellconceived, easiest to use yet deep enough to do what you need financial apps I have ever seen.

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steffie (on the KDE bug tracker)

I have said this before, but am happy to say it again … as a long-term [but now ex-] Quicken-user, & a GnuCash-user [also now ex-] for ~a year, i think that KMM is just fabulous. To everyone who designed, built & actively maintains & enhances it… thank you for doing your marvellous work for the world!!!

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currawong (on the KDE forum)

I have evaluated most of the freely available personal finance packages available under Linux and found the feature that I was asking about is included in many of them.

Although there are several very good packages available, they all seem to lack some crucial element of some type, e.g. some don’t support split transactions (an essential feature in my opinion), some don’t support fiscal years other than calendar years, some don’t have reconciliation features and so on.

KMyMoney I have found to be the most comprehensive (just lacking this minor feature) so I will continue to use it and make use of the cheque no. field as a payment mode field.

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James Adams

First, let me say that I am EXTREMELY impressed with KMyMoney2. The functionality, completeness and ease of use are tremendous, and I have thoroughly enjoyed using it.

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bbroeksema (on IRC)

[18:19] <bbroeksema> ipwizard: Is it also possible to link (or however to call it) transaction from a bankaccount to scheduled transactions in KMymoney?

[18:19] <bbroeksema> that is, from within the qif file

[18:20] <ipwizard> Yes, that’s what transaction matching is for. See

[18:22] <bbroeksema> aah cool. You guys make accounting almost fun :)

Paul Saletan

This is one of the most polished open source applications you’ll find. The user interface and navigation is beautifully engineered. The developers have delivered a complex double entry accounting system but kept it easy to use. As a long-time Quickbooks user who also tried GnuCash, I had despaired of finding a Linux personal finance app good enough to ditch Windows. Now I’m getting my accounts balanced in half the time and enjoying it. Kudos!

Bruce Herdman

Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate the support and hand holding from Alvaro Soliverez and the development team for Kmymoney. My problems were resolved and I am impressed by the level of competence and care your team has shown me

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Martin Beenham

The support in this forum is outstanding. The application is outstanding. I do not regret upgrading to KMyMoney from MSMoney. I only regret not doing it sooner…

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Graeme Nichols

KMyMoney is a very polished application. It works just fine and I have no niggles at all. Much better than Quicken Personal Plus 2009 on Vista or XP. No bringing the system down and just as many features that I use.

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Dave Le Huray

I have recently started using KMyMoney (v0.9.3) on my laptop running PCLinuxOS2009. I am looking to replace Moneydance, for no other reason than the data is locked in proprietary format. I have looked at KMyMoney before and not found it suitable but now I must say that I am very pleased and it looks like I’ll be changing over very shortly.

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Dorneles Treméa

… After testing a dozen of different softwares, which didn’t fit my needs, I finally discovered KMyMoney.

It was love at first sight and to make things even better, it imported my 3 years old gnucash file without miss a single record!

That’s a fantastic job guys! KMyMoney is the only software that can actually do that, congratulations!

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David Pardue

… Thanks for any help/advice with this. I appreciate how helpful and friendly Thomas, Alvaro and the other KMM developers are. You guys make Intuit Tech Support look like slackers!

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Marko Käning

Dear developers of KMyMoney, this is just a general thanks to all of you!

I never worked with Quicken on Windows. Years back I used some tool called Dialog24 for HBCI access to Deutsche Bank, but gave up on it for various reasons… I am so happy that I found KMyMoney running on my beloved Linux!!!

>>> This tool currently saves my ass. <<<

:) Honestly!

Without it’s features I’d be in deep trouble.


Wish I could contribute more to it than just translating or bugging you developers with little quirks or design proposals… But I wouldn’t have time for more than this, to tell the truth.

Anyway, once again I want to express my thanks to all of you. I am very happy that you guys (especially Thomas and Alvaro) are so active here and almost instantaneously respond to everything.

I hope to be able to contribute a bit more in the future when ressources and time allow that.

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Greg Darke

Firstly, I wish to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to everybody involved with this great project. I finally have a replacement for the very last application that required me to keep M$FT software on my hard drives. I have been using Microsoft Money for more than 12 years and have a huge file containing every transaction from approx 10 open accounts and about another 12 accounts that have been closed. M$ Money has handled this fairly well although various problems have arisen over the years that have always been solved by purchasing and upgrading to the next version.

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Hugh Whelan

Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of KMyMoney (I run the CVS version) and the excellence of it’s informative reports is one of the key reasons I much prefer it to other finance programs.

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Martin Zaske

… We have still not transitioned fully to Linux but for this very purpose we have a dual boot set-up and we boot into Kubuntu just to do our bookkeeping. What more proof could you want that we really appreciate this software.

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John Dow

Hi Guys,

Just built the current developer version from CVS and am seriously impressed. KMyMoney has just leapt ahead of MS Money by a fair margin, and I can at last ditch the Windows XP VM that’s cluttering up my disk.

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David Pardue

I would like to take a few minutes to thank you for all the work and time you have devoted to creating KMyMoney. I recently began using version 0.8.7 and am very pleased with it; I think KMyMoney will likely allow me to move away from Quicken and handle my finances entirely in Linux.  …

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Craig Lindholm

While I have played with Linux off and on for the past few years, This is the first time I have found it able to finally replace my windows box…. mostly thanks to you guys on KMyMoney. Quicken was really the thorn in my side. But since I’ve installed OpenSuse 10.3 about 3-4 weeks ago, I haven’t needed to reboot once into Windows (I have however snuck in once or twice using VirtualBox to do my stock charting software)

[ Received in a private e-mail ]

Kyle Rabe

Hello!First, I’m so happy that you have created KMyMoney. I use it for all of my personal finances (and have for a couple of years now), and I’m glad that I don’t have to buy the bloated, commercially-available software and an OS to go with it.  …

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Sébastien Plc

I’ve tried KMM this week-end (originally just out of curiosity…) and I have to admit that the overall ergonomic as well as the strange “accounting is simple” feeling just convinced me to do something amazing (at least for a me): manage my accounts in another way than stacking everything for months and then spending week-ends to try to reconciliate the mess (better late than never!).  …

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Mikhail Yakshin

First, I’d like to express my kudos and cheers for generally developing such high-class product. In fact, I’ve never seen any personal finance products before and KMyMoney was the first one I’ve seen. It was a bliss to explore and in fact, everything I’ve seen after KMyMoney (evaluating other products, including commercial ones) looks worse than it.

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Walter Sams

… FYI, once I loaded up 0.9-CVS this program, in the words of our teenagers, really ROCKS.

It works the way I like it too ( except for my little oops with the first reconcile.)

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… Your work is wonderful and I am slowly migrating. The absolute “cats-meow” would be that tool to instantly “beam” all my MS Money data into KMyMoney, so I could move on. In any case, I am a fan, a developing user and commend your efforts.

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Bob Igo

… I switched from Quicken to KMyMoney, too, having first tried GNUcash. I really needed to escape the forced upgrading built into Quicken for simple things like stock price lookups.

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Michael A. Schwarz

First off, let me say “great work.” I’ve got all of my accounts balanced to the penny for the first time since I swore of Intuit’s products.

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Ahmad El-Gazzaz

Dear KMyMoney Developers,

First I would like to thank you very much for this wonderful software, I have been using it since I started using linux 2 years ago and my tries to use any finance software under windows failed. You really help making life easier. [… snip …] Thank you for this program and keep beating the commercial software!

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Old Al’ (Dr. Algis Kabaila)

…With kind regards to all who are working on this fine program that beats the commercial stuff 5 - 0 !

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Thanks, I just loaded one of the main accounts, and the closing balance reconciles with M$ Money.

KMyMoney is a great application.

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Mike Moore

Wow! Boy does it look good. New features in the works like budgets and investments, better usability… I’m now running the CVS code (and plan to report any bugs I find).

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David Love

I use KMYMoney2 daily to run a small business (Yes I know it isn’t targeted at business users - but it’s ideal for what I require) and am very satisfied with it. It is very intuitive and a “breeze” to enter payments and receipts. The ease in which one is able to make global amendments (e.g. renaming an account and see it reflected in all receipts/payments in that account) is astounding. Keep up the development. I cannot see me changing to any other accounting program.

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Chris Hiestand

I just wanted to say great job on kmymoney. I just started using this program and it seems very useful. I’ll be sure to communicate with you if I find any bugs or have any suggestions.

I particularly like how it can import different file formats, it happens to be compatible with my bank who lets me choose from .OFX .QFX and .CSV.

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David Walling

I really like the Kmymoney software and have been using it in one form or another for over a year now. It’s the easiest to use I’ve found, and comes closest to having all the featuers of Micro$oft Money that I used prior.

It was also the very last piece of software I needed to completely do away with Windows as a primary OS on my laptop! I already and Cinelerra for video editing, K3b for burning, gimp for graphics, Inkscape for SVG, and Open Office for office.

Now, if the budgeting capabilites where just a little better :-D

Thanks again for the hard work you and the rest of the Kmymoney2 devs have put in to this software.

[ Received in a private e-mail ]

Dennis Gallion

Please add my thanks and kudos for such a great KDE/open source application! I have finally been able to replace Quicken, the only Windows application I was still using regularly. You’ve done a marvelous job with the interface and ease-of-use. The QIF conversion worked well, with KMyMoney being extra helpful at cleaning up the data. Overall, just a fantastic job!

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Jan van den Heuvel

Thanks for such a great program. MS Money was the last program that kept me booting Windows every now and then. This current version of KMyMoney means that time is over.

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Michael Riegert

I love this program. The ease of use compared to MS Money or others allows me to actually use it. Thanks for the great work.”

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Eugene Batogov

“KMyMoney is COOL !!!”

[ Received during an ICQ session ]

Tim Jump

“Hey there, first off I wanted to compliment you guys on an absolutely fantastic program. I’ve been using MS Money for years but have always wanted to switch to something I could use under Linux (wine has never liked Money all that much). You guys did it and I will be eternally grateful. No longer will I have to suffer through using an inferior operating system to keep track of my finances!”

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Prasenjit Kapat

“I have been using KMyMoney2 for nearly 8 months now. Surprisingly, this is my first money mangement sotware. And hey, did I choose the right one? Just love it.”

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David Love

“I’ve just started using KMyMoney2 - after trying GnuCash and giving up in perplexity - and love it!”

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Art Alexion

“Thanks for all of your help. While kmm is a great program, half the value is the wonderfully generous support that you give on this”>list.”

[ Received as private e-mail ]

Bill Streeter

“I love this program on Linux. It’s been my lifesaver in finally making a full transisition over to Linux, and not having to run wine/quicken.”

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Juan Sebastián Echeverry Grisales

“…i’m moving from GnuCash to KMyMoney and I’m impressed with this app. Keep the good work.”[Read the full comment]

John Iannone

“Thanks for your time, and thanks for building such a great application. Not having an application of this nature was previously the only thing that tied me to the Windows box in my house. Now, it’s doing what it’s best at… collecting dust!”

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Tim Hutt

“Way better than gnucash even if it is unfinished.

Keep it up.”

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Kyle Stevens

“First, I’d like to say thanks for this great application. It is simple and fun to use. It is my favorite program to use (finance or otherwise).”

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Marius Groenewald

“I converted from MS Money 95 (Windows) to KMyMoney (Linux). There are nice features in KMyMoney that is not available in MS Money and vice versa…

Thanks for a great Financial Package that is freely available. Can’t wait for Graphs to be included in the Reports.”

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Algis Kabaila

“I confess to that one of my favourite hates is accounting and I only do it when I am forced to do it (mostly by my spouse of … wait for it …57 years uninterrupted marriage!).

I must say, though, the KMyMoney makes the generally unpleasant task so much easier - and to think that I put up with Quicken in my windows days…”

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“thanks for all your hard work on this project (along with the others on the development team!) – I’ve been using KMM since last Spring and have not wishes to change.”

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Bret Jordan

“First off I wanted to tell you how wonderful your product is thus far. You have done some amazing work…

Thanks for all your hard work. This product has the potential of being the best tool on the market.”

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Also, from a private e-mail to Thomas Baumgart: “I really must applaud the work you guys have done thus far, the fact that you are also responsive to requests and queries is a major bonus.”

Paul A. Sustman

“Great work on Kmymoney. In many ways it’s much more intuitive and easier to use than Quicken. I’m looking forward to a few more features.”

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Mario Fabiano

“You did a great job; KMyMoney is a very good and useful software.”

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Ken Castania

“Wonderful!It’s difficult to put this but . . . I’m glad there’s something between putting info in an OpenOffice spreadsheet and GNUCash. There are many of us who want to keep and reconcile our checkbooks and get a few reports on occasion, but don’t want to become CPAs to do it.

KMyMoney is much more Quicken-esque, a welcomed addition to the open source community.


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Nicholas Tomlin


I’ve just been dabling with 0.8 and choose to commend you on your excellent effort, its a damn shame it doesn’t do business accounts.”

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S. Brunner

“I very much love kmymoney, it makes entering bills a joy where it has been a pain before (using some spreadsheet). Thank you!”

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Lorenzo Villani (Arbiter)

“I just want to say that i’m really happy with this program. Good work! :-D “

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Mark A. Slaw

“First, let me say that I think kmymoney meets almost all of my needs. I like it! One useful feature, however, would be online banking. If I had the ability, i could honestly say that the program met any need i could have.”Note: Kmymoney does support some online banking features (transaction download) via OFX if your bank supports it. Using AqBanking, it also supports HBCI, YellowNet, and DTAUS.

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Mark Blakeney

“I am new to kmymoney (coming from quicken). What a fantastic mix of simplicity with nice aesthetics and functionality! I have also trialled the gtk2 gnucash but am swayed towards kmymoney and am planning to use an asset account for invoicing plus your handy VAT functionality for GST/VAT tracking. Who said kmymoney does not do invoicing!”

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Don Jackson

“Kudos to the developers and maintainers of KMyMoney2!Where has this great program been hiding?You need more publicity.”

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Nathan Bradshaw

“Hi KMyMoney guys/gals, let me start with saying thanks for the great app. I decided I had to get my finances in order, installed KMyMoney2 0.8 and it was exactly what I was looking for. Great work :) “

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Marcin Gil

“…Otherwise [KMyMoney] is fantastic! Easy, user friendly with lowest learning curve I’ve observed in financial apps.

Keep up good work! “

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Adam Watkins

“First off, great application. I have finally found one more thing that reduces my dependence on Windows.(0.8 tipped the balance for me, I am now switching from MS Money). “

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Claudio Henrique Fortes Felix

“I’d like to thank you for the good work done on Kmymoney. It’s interface is clean and nice to use, which is a big plus comparing to some other similar programs.”

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David Price

“First of all brilliant programme, I use to use that other one for Gnome, but this one had export features, cut and paste, and a much more friendly interface. I have enjoyed making my own custom reports and having the freedom to use this program with spreadsheets.”

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Tim Ziegler

“Upon upgrading my Linux box two months ago, I switched from using Quicken (via Win4Lin) to KMyMoney. Because of some nastiness within Quicken I had to wrestle the date format, but otherwise the import of all my Quicken stuff went very well. It took a few times to get used to a different interface than Quicken, but I now feel it is simpler and better. Reports are easily customized, and I like the ability to click on a payee and instantly see all related transactions. Payees (and other stuff) were buried in Quicken, so all the icons on the left side of the screen in KMyMoney are a real treat.

Thanks for your hard work on a wonderfully useful product!”

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Keithe J Merl, P.E.

” First off, excellent app. Great job, all the features I want and need. I use this on a daily basis and also feel it is much better and easier to use than quicken, GnuCash, or any other ledger program.”

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Andrew Fischer

“…I’ve been using [KMyMoney] for several months for personal and small business finances, and I really appreciate how powerful yet easy to use it is. This past weekend I helped my girlfriend setup Microsoft Money, my first time using the program, and I was stunned how complicated it was to use even for accessing simple information. It’s default page intimidated the user so much I apologized for suggesting it as an alternative to a simple spreadsheet she had before. When I showed her kmymoney she asked why such a program wasn’t available on windows.

I’m sure MS Money is a very powerful and feature filled program, but it made a very poor impression compared to kmymoney for the inexperienced user. Thanks, all, for your hard work.”

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Howard Barbrey

“I just installed this today and it is GREAT! I am a fugative from MS Money and have been seeking this program for a while.”

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Also, from a private email response to my request for permission to post his quote: “As I get more comfortable with Linux I am finding myself trying new things. Because I am retired and KMyMoney is very important to my every day living I am currently running MS MONEY 2004 on my laptop and I have KMyMoney installed on my desktop system. I am running them in parallel mainly to be sure that I don’t goof something up. I have been using MS Money for about 3 years and have looked for a Linux alternative for quite a while. I was reading over the Suse 10.0 instruction manual that is shipped with the retail version and found a brief comment their and then I went to google and now here I am. I am happy with it and learning more about it all of the time.”

Bill Suit

“I am an 8 year veteran user ofthe linux os. What kept me tied to m$ for the longest time was my use of Quicken and Turbo Tax.

Several years ago I tried several of the other open source and/or commercial accounting software programs. None of them really caught my fancy, for whatever reasons.

About a year and a half ago I heard of Kmymoney (kmm) and started using it. The documentation indicated that I could use OFX to download bank info into kmm. Though that was the draw for me, kmm also fulfilled all of my simple bookkeeping needs. BTW, I haven’t used Quicken for several years now.

Over the last year and a half the continued improvements, the look, and the functionality of the program has just made it a real pleasure to use. Your response to problems is quick. The user community also is a big plus. I’ve noticed that if the program does not currently support a particular function that you’re open to considering adding that function.

Thank you all very much for your efforts in making this a truly first class program. I greatly appreciate it.”

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Andres Krapf

“I just wanted to let you know that I recently installed kmymoney2 and I think it’s great ! Thank you very much for the obvious effort you put into this piece of software. Even though I didn’t know much about accounting, it was really simple to use and it ate my bank’s files without a blink (OFX import).”

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David Nelson

“I’ve finally switched over my bank accounts from Quicken and Wine, and am now looking at getting the investment accounts converted. It’s great to have a native KDE replacement for Quicken at last. Thanks for the great job you’re doing.”

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Guillermo Cediel

“I’m using kmymoney2 v0.8.1 (after testing some other similar software, like kbudget, grisbi, jgnash, etc) and I think you have made a great work…”

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Ben Shewmaker

“I recently made the switch to Linux, and I have to thank you for producing such a fantastic financial program. I had been using MS Money for the last 3 years, but once I started using KMyMoney I never looked back. This is exactly the type of financial software I had been looking for. Keep up the good work!”

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Mike Moore

“I must thank you for the wonderful software you are putting together!I’ve been using kmymoney since vesion 0.4 and think it is a fantastic program that gets better by the day… thanks to your efforts!”

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Tom Welch -Linspire CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

” My name is Tom Welch and I am the CTO for Linspire. I just wanted to drop you guys a note and say “Way to go and keep it up!”Your project has really made some excellent improvements recently. Anyway we can help out spreading the word just let me know.”

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Brenda Wolf


Thank you so much for your efforts on developing this program. I use it all the time to keep record of my checks, etc. I could say is such great program that I installed linux in my computer just to be able to use it!!

Thank you!”

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Marlon Nacario

“I have used Quicken, MS Money and Linux version of Moneydance, I will tell how impressed I am with Kmymoney. It is better and stable than any of those that I have used in the past. I noticed Kmymoney at its earlier stage of development and is very surprised how the software progress from a very crude to the best.


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Johannes Leimbach

“I wanted to tell you I really love Kmymoney. It’s as you wished it to be, the easiest personal money tool out there. Thank you :) “

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Jordi Alfonso


Congratulations for this good program. I’ve using it about a few days and traslating all my oocalc information to it. Good.”

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Christophe Prud’homme

“I have just started to use kmymoney2(under debian/gnu/linux), it took me a little while to get use to it but now I am quite happy I made the effort and I like very much your tool. Thanks a lot!”

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Jose Jorge

“I switched to kmymoney after 4 years of GNUCASH, the import tool worked flawlessly, except for some UTF-8 strings (the gnucash file was in UTF-8).

I switched because on my old hardware (700MHz) GNUCASH opened the 4 years full file in about 25s, when kmymoney does it in 5s. OK, it’s a silly reason…

…Otherwise it’s all nice, congratulations.”

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Bill Fahrenkrug

“Just started using KMymoney 0.8 and works perfect for me - wife doesn’t much since it shows her spending patterns in easy to understand reports ;)

…Again, THANK YOU for this great app. Haven’t used my lame old MS 2000 OS for a year because of developer’s like you. (wife was doing the budget on her MS box with lol MS money - now I’m in control… yeehaw)”

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Bob Ewart

“Kmm is looking better and better. Keep up the good work.”

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Erik Johansson

“I recently switched from gnucash to kmymoney and so far I haven’t regretted it. A big thank you to all developers.”

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Martijn Dijksterhuis

“Keep up the good work, its already an impressive piece of software! “

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Maarten Th. Mulders

“since a while I have been using KMyMoney and I really like it.”

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Michael McIntyre

“I’ll chip in my two cents eventually, once I formulate an opinion. I’m still in the tedious setting-everything-up stage of my relationship with your application. It seems well worth the effort to do all this though, and I haven’t had to RTFM to figure anything out yet, which is a good sign for your usability. I figure I’ll RTFM later and see what I missed.”

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Nicholas Lee

“KMM is on a good track. Making it very a easy to use, powerful personal finance package.”

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Jeroen Jonk

“Congratulations for this wonderful new release! I am using KMyMoney to track my personal expenses almost on a daily basis and it really does a good job. One of the benefits that KMyMoney brings for me, is control over my financial situation. Most banks in The Netherlands are only sending account statements once a month and keeping track of all expenses and the balance of the account during a month really made me overspend.

Now, using categories, I am able to see where I am overspending compared to last months and I can control things.

The only thing that I am missing dearly is a budgeting function. That would really help me getting even more control over where I should increase or reduce spending.

Like so many others, I used commercial software for many years, but I switched to Linux last December and I have never had regrets. Although my system is still multi-boot, I only use Linux. My wife, who is from Turkish origin, still uses commercial software to have webcam/sound (MSN) chat with her relatives in Turkey. However, the guys developing Kopete released a new roadmap in which MSN video is mentioned for the first time. If that becomes a reality then I can get rid of all the commercial software.

For me, a good Office suite and a program like KMyMoney really made the difference. I used alternatives like GNUCash, but I did not like is.

Thank you for putting so much effort in developing KMyMoney – I am sure it is appreciated by many users.”

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Adam Treat

“First, I want to say that you have a pretty decent applicaition in the making. Kudos.”

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